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Kejriwal admits he is “too chhota an aadmi for PM post”; will run for “Master of Universe”

04, Mar 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Lucknow: In a rally in Uttar Pradesh’s capital today, Arvind Kejriwal- the face of the Aam Aadmi Party- seemed to reveal the reasons behind his quitting from the post of Delhi’s Chief Ministership.

Chhota Aadmi

Revealing his plans for the future, Kejriwal rejected the possibility of him becoming Prime Minister, claiming he was “too small a man” for the job.

“Who am I to become India’s Prime Minister?” Keriwal asked the crowd of curious Lucknow-ites who had materialized to watch his speech. “Main bahut chhota aadmee hoon, sir. Main Prime Minister nahi ban sakta.

“Only the post of Brahma- the Master of the Universe- suits my standing and abilities,” Kejriwal said. “For this post, I am neither too big nor too small… just the right size.” When someone in the crowd asked him how he was going to go about becoming the “Master of the Universe”, Kejriwal replied, without missing a beat, “Uske liye Yadavjee survey karva rahe hain.”