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Kejri Phones launched with an instant shock feature for corrupt people

05, May 2014 By mayankjain654

The country is dealing with heat wave and NaMo wave but Kejriwal has a plan to bring cool to everyone.

The 49 day CM as he is fondly called, has launched his own range of dumb phones that not only make calls but also give an electric shock whenever a user mentions words like black money, bribes, or even “NaMo” or “Congress”.

“Jaroori tha ji”

Explaining the move, he described how these phones will become a weapon of policing and people will have to exert self-control before indulging in any corrupt behavior.

In a press conference, that no one attended, he probably said, “All corruptions happen on phone or near them. I will make sure everyone gets these phones for free and suffers punishment for even thinking about corruption, right there. These phones will remove corruption, BJP and congress in one go.”

He didn’t even wait to be asked for a demo and he quickly mentioned Modi and electrocuted himself showing the real potential of these phones.

Right now the phones come with Android 1.0 installed but a future update is expected which will have an always on front camera to spy on people and the battery will explode as soon as they see someone accepting bribe.

“It is easier to injure the corrupt than to run after them. The phones will reduce the need for Jan Lokpal since we can press a button and kill those bastards,” he quoted himself with a selfie on Twitter.

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