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Kejri-Meter launched, to be sold as AAP's fundraiser

05, Apr 2014 By nikul180

In the tough 2014 Political battle Aam Admi Party Chief Arvind Kejriwal today announced the launch of his patent pending Kejri-Meter a proprietary device he says  has been vital to gauge moods of Aam Admi regarding Govt formation, resignation decision, state development, corruption levels, popularity wave by just flashing it in a crowded place while murmuring  a  question to it.

The earnings from the sale of  this unique Kejri-Meter shall be used by Party to fight only BJP which is backed by strong entrepreneurial Hindu Gujratis.

This is our way to show the Gujrati community that Aam Admi too can enter into business and meanwhile clean up the system said Kejriwal. To meet with high demands and short time left for elections AAP has tied up with a Vododra based manufacturing firm M/s Patel Electroplast who say there is a huge interest from all sections of society and orders from corporate have already been finalized as they want to use it to judge motivation and integrity level of their employees. Despite the short notice and testing time provided by AAP we were successfully able to manufacture and ready the first lot for dispatch said Mr. Patel. We are already working in double shifts, thanks to 24 hour electricity supply, to be ready with second lot he added while sitting in his plush office at Vodadra Industrial Area.

Talking to an HR manager of a leading IT major Mr. Dipin Nagpal said “With the samples received from AAP, we were been able to put up a fair inquiry against at least 15 employees who were caught using expensive mode of transport provided by clients & competitors, thus raising questions about their integrity towards the company. We have now placed an order for dozens of such devices to be put along every security camera, smoking rooms and exit points he said.

To add to the proof of robust demand and the change AAP has brought in with this device Mr. Manish Sisodia party senior said “It was this very device that gave us proof of anti Modi Wave and Negative development in Gujrat widely applauded from all sections of non paid media and UPA”   Explaining why the party sought to cash in on the huge demand  Mr. Sisodia added “With huge no. of inquires to know how Kejriwal and our team managed to bust the Gujrat model of development within 17 minutes of arrival, itself proved that India’s common man needed such a device more than the Jan Lok Pal bill”

Profits earned from every sale shall be made public on the party’s official website which adds to the party’s transparency claims. The Kejri Meter is available for sale at all leading non Reliance stores across 543 constituencies which further gives credibility to party’s claim of being a major national party. Build in the shape of a torch, the operation is very simple as demonstrated by AAP chief Arvind Kejrwial at the press conference. “By just pressing a button and allowing ample air to flow within the meter it gives you signals vital to form a decision that you had already finalized earlier” he said. The press conference saw tense moments when Kejriwal was heard asking his Meter to identify presence of Paid media in the room, which was timely interrupted by senior journalist from NDTV asking permission to feature their device in their hit TV show Gadget Guru. Later Arvind Kejriwal also said that they shall ensure very citizen of India has the right to own a Kejri Meter via a Bill in the parliament and his party is seriously considering to include this into their manifesto.

Talking to a senior Angel Investor and Industry Veteran in fund raising  Mr. Arjun Sinha  put light on such fund raising campaigns being highly successful  in western countries where start ups, NGO’s and political parties sell their products at premium price, where the extra amount paid over the cost goes into funding  the campaign. The fact such practices are gaining traction in India is in itself a good sign for Indian fund raising eco system he said and he has all praises for Mr. Arvind Kejriwal for his innovative product which could be India’s answer to yet to be developed next big thing  form Silicon Valley. “This further validated our believe IITians are worthy of being invested” he said with a smile on his face.

Developed in his IIT days, never had Kejriwal imagined that this science fiction device is set to give power in the hands of common man of India, a tool so strong that can help them make several life changing decisions for the betterment of nation. The innovative uses of this device and success stories shall be followed up with great interest by the industry and activists. Although the initial hype and pre orders has been high the durability of the product is yet to be verified. Kejri Meter is available prefixed in handle of a Broom (party’s symbol) for Rs. 999 and comes with a 49 days no questions asked warranty.