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KCR to now burry L&T Metro Rail project team deep inside the ground

19, Sep 2014 By satiregovindam

Telangana Chief Minister KCR today stated he will burry L&T Metro Rail Project Team deep inside the ground if they cheat people of telangana in name of Metro Rail.

“yahin gaad dunga”

KCR believes the company had paid huge kickbacks to ex-CM of State of Andhra Pradesh N. Kiran Kumar Reddy to secure valuable lands of Hyderabad city in guies of Metro Rail Project.

While talking to Faking News KCR said he initially planned to bury the Metro Rail Project underground as it was posing a threat to the Assembly building and the Telangana Martyrs’ Memorial in front of the Assembly by passing very near to them. But as the project costs were likely to grow up due to that plan he now plans to bury the Team of the L&T Metro Rail Hyderabad as they have not been taking his “I Will Be Hitler” comments seriously. KCR also stated he firmly believes whatever comes from soil has to go back to the soil.

Faking news reporters also tried to talk to CEO VB Gadgil, L&T Metro Rail on this issue but he was unavailable for comment. When Faking news reporters threatened to bury themselves before the L&T Head Office in Hyderabad he was immediately available for comment and said, “Me and my team have been working day and night to complete the project “expeditiously” as per schedule, so we never got the time to watch any regional news channels and were unaware that honorable CM of Telangana, KCR, wants to be Hitler. We are determined to complete the project as scheduled. He also clarified that he will not bow down to any threats and he also has the courage of conviction as he and his team has not done anything wrong.”

Andhra Chief Minister Chandra Babu Naidu welcomed KCR’s decision.