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"Kat Kaleja Le gayi Dilli" in TV Studios

18, Jul 2014 By khakshar


With possibility of a new Government formation in Delhi gaining momentum , the TV Channels are buzzing with different Permutations and Combinations. Media especially the TV channels seem to have rediscovered their social responsibility. A political Party, which talks of Alternative Politics has realized that Alternative Governments can be formed in TV studios rather than with support of masses. It also is clear that allegations and counter allegations are the order of the day. Independent MLAs and MLAs belonging to the third largest party are being watched over critically by the two aspiring parties. Confidantes of some  free wheeling MLAs are enjoying the limelight they and their Patron MLAs are getting.

Faking news decided to take matters in it’s own hands instead of believing the umpteenth combination doing the rounds on TV Channels. Correspondents were asked to get the “Ground Zero’ reports. the Correspondents  nearly covered all Delhi MLAs and TV studios to get an impartial view.

“Happy DukhiYari” , a self acclaimed “Shayar”  and a  friend of an Independent MLA was the most forthcoming of all.  He claimed that many free wheeling MLAs  are being offered choices of social mobility in addition to Money, Houses and luxurious cars. He elaborated that a Political Party is promising regular interviews with some TV channels , so that the MLAs can hog the limelight and remain in circulation. This of course will help the MLAs in their future political designs. Another offer was divulged by one of the Independent MLA , he said that a Party has promised him of  helping in search for well cultured Bride and Bride Groom for his offspring ,nephews and nieces . Of course Delhi being devoid of  “tehzeeb” , the search for Brides and Grooms  will be in the cultured areas of  Ghaziabad, Faridabad and Gurgaon.  Many “AroraJi’s” are eyeing  opening Marriage Bureaus  in their one room dingy offices in PaharGanj. Arora and Gupta match makers have in business in Delhi for decades.

Meanwhile aspiring statisticians are excited. The case study on Permutation and Combination by TV channels has been like a treasure for the AIJEE aspirants too. A particular TV channel has explored the possibility of all Seventy MLAs  heading the  Delhi Government.  It has over the days shown exact number of MLAs supporting in case any of the 70 is made the Chief Minister. All the permutations have been compiled with pictures by the famous Statistician Mr. Ashankya  Hazari. The compilation has a special chapter inspired by Mr.Madhu Khoda , the first independent Indian MLA who become Chief Minister of Jharkhand. The compilation has been named “Kat Kaleja Dilli Le Gayi ,Dilli”.

Meanwhile it is rumored that a highly talented Mathematician from Kerala has reached Delhi.

The famous “Happy DukhiYari” had recited two couplets  one on TV Channels

     विकल्प  अब न्यूज़ -रूम्स  मे बनाइए      लोकतंत्र  को  बस ना इतना भर्माइए      कभी खकसारो को सच तो दिखाइए      न समझे तो सिर्फ आईना छोड़ जाइए

and the other on Delhi itself

दोष Rest of Country को क्या देंगे हम दिल्ली वाले Pioneer सौदाई ;

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