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Kashmiri youth to vote for Kashmir referendum by throwing stones into AAP office

08, Jan 2014 By manithan

Srinagar: Arvind Kejriwal’s clarification that AAP will not ask for referendum in Kashmir has turned the Kashmiri seperatists against him. So, to appease them, Aam Aadmi Party has opened their office in Srinagar.

As soon as the office was opened, Kejriwal announced referendum on whether army needed to be withdrawn. Kejriwal, who had earlier planned to do the referendum via SMS ,was unable to get any votes as the mobile phone and internet service were jammed due to militant threat in the valley.

While the AAP was stuck on how to proceed, a stone came and fell on one of AAP minister’s car. Kejriwal suddenly came up with the idea on voting for referendum by reaping the talent of the aam aadmi of Kashmir, the stone pelting.

Kashmir stone pelting
Kashmiri youth taking part in the referendum

He took a mike and shouted from the terrace of his Srinagar office, “Bhaiyon, I know you all want to vote on referendum. You can do so by writing Yes or No on a stone along with your Name and throw it on our office building. Yes means that army will be withdrawn. Do not worry about stone damaging car and us. What happened in Delhi was communal, but here, we would be proud to be attacked by seculars.”

Immediately, thousands of stone were pelted into the AAP party office. AAP cadres were using brooms as bats and were deflecting the stones into the sideways. AAP minister Bakhi Birla was seen taking a selfie before her damaged car and had uploaded it in her twitter account with a description, “We have proved our secularism”.

Speaking to our reporter, one Kashmiri youth who had pelted Yes for the referendum proudly said that he will join AAP as he is confident that Kejriwal will leave no stone unturned when it comes to governance. When asked the abbreviation of AAP, he replied, “AAP stands for Aam Aadmi of Pakistan”.

There were some reports within AAP circle that certain stones that were thrown into the swimming pool within the office compound were floating on the water. Closer observation indicated that the stones had the name Rameez written on it.

Meanwhile, Digvijay singh was found upset upon learning that AAP distanced itself from Prashant Bhushan’s comment on Kashmir. His latest tweet reflected this thought of his: “Seems Prashant is trying to overthrow me. If it happens, then Faking News will start doing articles on him and will forget me. :(“