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Kashmiri Muslims are using the protocols of Article 370 by waving the ISIS flag in Kashmir

15, Oct 2014 By 0mar Abdullah

Srinagar. People of Kashmir waving ISIS flag in the valley and cheering the slogans of azaadi but it doesn’t bother Omar Abdullah who is currently heading the J&K state.

Omar Abdullah

“As per Article370 we should have our own state flag and if we win the forthcoming assembly elections then we would try to replace the existing state flag with that of ISIS flag,” NC leader Jitendra Rana expressed his support to the people of Kashmir.

Meanwhile, people of valley are planning to distribute the ISIS flag across the state so that their demand of azaadi looks like a real and professional struggle.

“ISIS flag denotes our disinterestedness much like saffron color is for the Hindus during their freedom struggle against Mughal dynasty,” A Kashmiri Muslim furiously said, “This is our befitted response to their Bhagwa Dhwaj.”

The way people of valley are using the protocol of Article 370 correctly it makes the state politicians and neighbor country happy. Recently Pakistan went to UN and seeking its help to fulfill the demand of Kashmiri Muslims.

When asked about the security concern in Kashmir, Jitender Rana said, “This all struggle within the democratic rights of our constitution. ISIS flag may or may not become our state flag but people of valley have already adopted it.”

Human Rights activists like Arundhati Roy yet to express her feelings about the ISIS flag.  “We have immense faith in her and surely she will come with an essay of 10k words supporting us,” an azaadi fighter told Faking News.

Latest reports say that even Vishal Bharadwaj likes the ISIS flag and he is planning to shot few scenes of Haider again and he wants to have ISIS waving flag scene in the movie to give the tangible feeling of Kashmir struggle.