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Kasab’s family planning to shift from Pakistan to UP, hopes to contest next elections

04, Aug 2015 By Pagla Ghoda

Lucknow, UP: Ajmal Kasab a terrorist who was captured after 26/11 Mumbai attacks and constitutionally hanged later is all set to come in spotlight again, after his family is planning to immigrate from Pakistan to UP, India.

Sources have confirmed that several political parties in UP have invited Kasab’s family to stay in UP so that the family members can contest elections on party tickets.

We are next. Will contest against Ajmal Bhai's Family's constituency.
We are next. Will contest against Ajmal Bhai’s Family’s constituency.

A political-party insider talked to us in this regard, on conditions of anonymity. He said – “It would be a storm, a shit-storm, lot of media attention. Everyone would be asking our party how can we even think of that? …. Newspapers, news channels, internet forums would be full of questions for us, criticizing us for this move … we would be all over the national media. …. That is not good. Right? … Wrong … It is very good … that is what we actually want. Thousands of hours of free PR. Plus potential vote-bank mobility if we position it right and give it the right humanitarian angle. We are in for a win-win.”

Saajan Chaturvedi, previously an on-ground reporter for a major news channel and now a freelance political analyst agrees with the above view-point. He said – “I hail from UP. I understand why political parties are thinking on these lines. Flying a family from Pak to India, paying for their re-location, air-tickets, hotels etc., providing them a livelihood in UP., and then positioning them as party candidates. You don’t have much to risk, but if played right you have a lot to win. Humanitarian groups, certain terror-tolerant media outlets and several terror-neutral NGOs will welcome this move and support the cause. Over-all a good bet for parties with hollow ideologies and almost no agendas to fight for. At the end of the day every political decision is a financial investment. This one is a low-risk high return bet.”– Chaturvedi said with a smile.

While many social-media users have questioned this move and raised an apprehension that this may be a positive stimulus to terrorist activities, but the mainstream media is largely skipping this news for professional reasons. Major news channels are right now focused on debating whether hanging those who are involved in killing innocent Indian people, is justice or not.