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Kapil Sibbal clarifies no aspiration for PM post

05, Nov 2013 By none

48 hours after challenging Narendra Modi, the PM candidate of BJP for a debate, senior Congress leader Kapil Sibbal ruled himself out of the race for the PM post in a press conference held with a backdrop of Rashtrapati Bhavan.

Confusion and rumors had gone wild during Diwali holidays about the challenge to the debate and its possible indication of hidden ambition of the senior leader.

“H..H..How can I be in a race to be a PM?” asked the leader. “Congress isn’t a racist party!” he exclaimed. This statement caused much consternation on the journalists during the press conference in New Delhi. Many journalists sensed that apart from Mr. Modi being proven for being a Hindu-nationalist, a fascist,  a casteist, divisive, Hitler and a liar by means of repetitive public accusations, Congress is opening up a new front on him by inferring the aspirant as a racist also.

Soon correcting his vocabulary snafu, the unstoppable lawyer continued, “Sending a challenge to debate has nothing to do with becoming a PM. Look at the great example our current prime minister has set before us. He is unmovable from any challenges be it debates or rebates on issues like onion prices! He is going ahead with his duties without uttering a word for months together. Not even Theek hai! As a matter of fact, Congress party believes that for a mango-man Congress workers, less one challenges, the more one has chances of becoming PM!”

Then he clarified that he has no ambitions whatsoever. “Ambitions are not encouraged in our culture either. Look at the track record of the country. We didn’t even entertain ambitions like making the entire railway track double lined. India was never on the faster track! That is our tradition and that is why people should vote for Congress!”

Upon request to elaborate further, he summarily added the following:

“You have to understand that a race indicates a given task being finished in the shortest possible time. History has proven that Congress has no such culture, nor has India. Take for example while the whole world and most middle class Indians think that we are in a race to prosperity and world dominance with China, which is perfectly untrue! As a true Congressman, I can’t be in a race for anything! arrey bhaai, aaj kare so kal kar, kal kare so parson, itnee jaldee kyaa hai bhaiyaa jab jeenaa hai barason? [Do it tomorrow what you can do it today, do it the day after what you can do tomorrow. What is the hurry my brother when we have years to live?]”