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Kapil Sibal threatens to post selfies if journalists keep asking him about his Tehelka stake

01, Dec 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

New Delhi: Union Minister for Law, Kapil Sibal, who happened to join Twitter recently, recently tweeted something that triggered a wave of mass panic and hysteria across the country. In a tweet made at 8:13 AM today, Mr. Sibal said- “Rahulji jst told me wat selfie means. Will post endless selfies soon if u kp askng abt my shares in Tehelka.”

Selfie bomb.

The tweet caused a wave of panic to sweep across the nation with people ranging from office goers to college students shuddering at the thought of an endless stream of Mr. Sibal’s pics.

“You see I had this intense desire to hit on one of my colleagues a month back but then I saw a Sibal pic with all those eyebrow hair,” a corporate sector employee said. “My sexual desire has never recovered since. An endless stream of his selfies would be as good as castration for me.”

Meanwhile, foreign governments and even terrorist outfits ranging from the Tehreek-e-Taliban to Al Qaeda have reached out to the Indian government appealing for calm on the Kapil Sibal selfie front. “We appeal to the Indian government to put an end to this homegrown terror,” a statement released by Al Qaeda said.