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Kapil Sibal and DigVijay Singh file defamation case against BJP

10, Jun 2017 By MrIndia

Congress leaders Kapil Sibal and Digvijay Singh are terribly upset at BJP ministers. They have accused the BJP of stealing their assclown title and damaging their reputation.

In a lawsuit filed at Delhi High Court, the congressmen detailed how they used to spout their mouth off and made ass of themselves for many years. This record has now been overtaken by BJP ministers.


The lawsuit includes annexure as evidence of BJP ministers irresponsibility. It was shown that BJP has given more speeches appeasing the cows than starving MP farmers. In another annexure they have shown how the government has spent 98% of the time trying to force citizens into giving out all their personal data. The government demanded info such as bank and brokerage accounts, Facebook login, bus tickets, whatsapp text messages and barber visits. Mr.Singh asked “why do I have to give out details of my girlfriend in the tax forms when I also have a gorgeous wife?”

The petitioners pointed out that BJP is planning to tax cigarettes and alcohol to pay for veterinary insurance of cows. They asked “how is beef bad while cigarettes and booze are good? all vices are good!”

Digvijay Singh threw a challenge to Arun Jaitley for a booze drinking contest at Goa. He offered to return all his bribe money he took in the past 38 years if he loses the contest. Mr.Jaitley turned down this offer. He said he drinks only cow urine. He also declared “we will go after the black money in Switzerland by increasing the air travel service tax to 76%”.

Kapil Sibal demanded to know what the law minister Ravi Shankar Prasad has done. He accused Mr. Prasad “by not talking much in his office he damaged my reputation! I was a better minister in the same seat!” To this, Mr.Prasad countered “We framed CBI criminal charges on our own senior leaders like Advani! Can Congress show any such betrayal loyalty record?”

Kapil Sibal stated in an affidavit that Rahul will become PM and fix BJP’s mess. Amit Shah ridiculed Rahul “We use merit for picking leaders! In UP 143 of our MLAs have long criminal records! In Karnataka 85% of our MLAs are SSLC failed! not some useless Cambridge and Harvard degrees!”

Delhi High Court expects the Kejriwal-Jaitley case to go on for the next six years. Therefore, it will take up this case in year 2024.