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Kalmadi says he is not corrupt because Arvind Kejriwal has not yet said so

20, Mar 2014 By Gaurav Mittal

Former commonwealth games (CWG) organizing committee chairman, Suresh Kalmadi who is known for his involvement in CWG scam, today declared himself “not corrupt”.

Kalmadi made this startling revelation about himself during the court hearing of CWG mega corruption scandal.

Kalmadi corrupt
“I am an innocent as per this logic”

The tainted MP from pune while speaking in his defense said, “I am not corrupt. If I was corrupt Arvind Kejriwal would have declared so by now as Kejriwal knows exactly who is corrupt and who is honest in this country of 1.25 billion people”

The whole court went silent on hearing this and people present there were looking surprised.

The CBI lawyer was caught unprepared for this argument and had no answer to counter this argument. He asked the honorable court for one week time to prepare his arguments. As per Kalmadi’s lawyer even one year is not enough to prepare an answer for this argument and he is pretty confident of winning the case of corruption and Kalmadi getting acquitted in all charges.

The court adjourned the proceedings for one week. Suresh Kalmadi was seen coming out of the courtroom with victory sign. On being asked by journalists as to why he thinks he is not corrupt? , Kalmadi said, “Kejriwal never said that Kalmadi is corrupt which means I have a clean chit from Kejriwal”

Arvind Kejriwal was not available for comment on this development as he was busy entire day giving interviews and press conferences.

The jubilant Congress which denied the ticket for upcoming Lok Sabha elections to Suresh Kalmadi from Pune is now planning to give ticket to Suresh Kalmadi from a constituency in Delhi where CWG took place.

BJP on the other hand said that by giving clean chit to Suresh Kalmadi, Kejriwal has once again proved that Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) is team B of congress. BJP has challenged Kejriwal to declare Yeddyurappa non-corrupt.