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Kajriwal reveals why he is an aam aadmi

14, Apr 2014 By billthelizard

In a meeting with VIPs, India’s best aam aadmi, Kajriwal reveals why he is aam aadmi. Media was not allowed and no aam aadmi were allowed as this was taken place in one of the India’s best 5 start hotels and only VIPs have got passes to attend the meeting. Faking News has managed to cover the meeting by entering as one of the waiters in Hotel. And here we would like to broadcast exclusively on Faking News. Here it goes.

At 7PM everyone has arrived and at 7:15 Arvind Kajriwal has arrived on his iconic WagonR and without muffler.

At 7:20PM meeting was started.

Anchor : Thank you all for attending our AAM AADMI’s party meeting, we are so glad to have you all. As we all know India’s best AAM AADMY Arvind Kajriwal is participating in LS elections, even I am waiting to hear what is in his mind and what would be his strategy.

(Claps, and Kajriwal starts his speech)

Kajriwal : Dear AAM AADMI log, as we know BJP is running Mafia. They are completely depending on Modi and showcasing him as the only one who could develop india. But I went to Gujarat there was no development, most of the people does not have Muffler, WagonR car , vehicles are having steerings there was no media covering me. By this I have observed Gujarat is backward state with poor development in Textile Industry, Motor industry and Innovation industry. So don’t vote for BJP, vote for AAP. We invest on Innovation and we will make sure that by 2020 every person has a WagonR car with wings, a personal rocket to go to Space for family trip and steering less vehicles and even more.

One of the attendees standup and asks, Mr. Kajriwal, you said BJP is running mafia, but BJP was not in rule from last 10 years and why are you not focussing on Congress. When you have given chance to Develop Delhi you took back step and now how come you are able to say Gujarat is no developed, they are in better position than Delhi. And also I am curious to know how you are AAM AADMY.

Kajriwal thinks that he is BJP guy and informs his supporters to take him out. While his supporters are taking him out Kajriwal stops them and gives a plastic rose that on table and says to his supporters “Don’t do it again”. Supporters were shocked. And as usual Kajriwal look around if any channel has covered while giving rose, while he is staring around one of his supporters says “Sir, media was not allowed”. Shocked Kajriwal continues to speech.

As one of the attendees asked would like to say why I am AAM AADMI now.

I went to Collector office to fill an application, where so many people were standing on huge line, I have tried to get my application passed using recommendations instead of standing on line, but some other guy has came with MP’s recommendation and got his application passed immediately. There I looked small to myself as he has used recommendation from big guy where I have used from small guy. So I am AAM AADMI there.

Rich people are using laser optical but I am using only frameless optical, so I am AAM AADMI.

Rich people are using Benz and Audi cars but I am using WagonR, so I am AAM AADMI.

I went to a movie with family, and there one guy has spent more money than us for block tickets, that we planned to buy. So I am AAM AADMI.

I went to police station to ask for police security at my gate while I am sleeping, they refused. Because I am AAM AADMY 🙁

(Meanwhile Kajriwal thinks that this meeting is useless in spending time as there is no media coverage)

These are few examples, I will tell more  later ( when media coverage is there). Thanks again.

And then he asks for QA hour.

One of the AAP supporters come to facilitate him and beat him the shouts, Are you AAM AADMI? the what I am?, You are AASHA AADMI.

People around him has caught him and beaten him till he dead( Kajriwal is murmuring hit more saaley ku). 

Scared attendees decided to not to ask any questions and says no Questions and it was good.

Everybody went for Dinner, meeting ends.

Today it is expected that Kajriwal might go to that poor guy and give a rose under a media coverage.