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Just Give me 50 days to print Counterfeit Rs. 2000 note: Nawaj Sharif

15, Nov 2016 By bapuji

Islamabad. Addressing a huge crowd at Islamabad, Pakistan’s  Prime Minister Nawaj Sharif asked the nation to bear the pain for 50 days and assured the nation that Terror Industry will recover the shock soon. He was there to  announce a bail-out package to save the slowly declining Terror Industry of Pakistan and in a desperate bid to stop terrorists from leaving the business. Details of the massive taxpayer-funded bailout plan were announced later after a series of deliberations between the Army and the government.

"Don't worry.. Don't worry, our economy will also recover. Give me 50 days"
“Don’t worry.. Don’t worry, our economy will also recover. Give me 50 days”

This move comes after the India’s master stroke of Currency demonetisation of notes of Rs. 500 and 1000. The illegal currency sector was massively hit leaving many thousand innocent Youth as jobless as goods produced valued at billions in Indian currency were worthless. Lack of counterfeit currency has seriously impacted the Stone Pelting sector as well. Because of non-payment, innocent youth have declared a strike and have clearly communicated that no stones  will be thrown unless cash payment is made on a day-to-day basis, which has eventually led to five-day peace in the valley.

Prime Minister said that, “The government is doing everything it can to save the Terror Industry. We have diverted 20% of our Tax Revenues towards the Terror Industry with immediate effect. Foreign investment from Iraq and Syria is encouraged via Automatic-Route and The government is heavily investing in design and research so that It can quickly reach production phase for Rs. 2000 note. We just need 50 more days to set things in action.” Terrorist of all organisations have praised the government move.