Friday, 20th April, 2018

Judges hire Shazia Ilmi and Captain Gopinath to defend against Kejriwal brigade

29, May 2014 By Fakerazzi

Now that District court and HC both have shown their inability to allow Arvind kejriwal to go out of jail without furnishing bail bond, some judges in the benches are worried.

They are apprehending AAP Dharna at their home during midnight. It is especially true for those judges who have ruled in favor of industrialists and other khas aadmis ever. Anyone who ever gave a judgement in favor of a BJP member or his/her acquaintances are in Z plus category.

They have thus decided to hire the erstwhile AAP strategists to prepare their counter strategy. few of the suggestions proffered by  these illustrious ex-AAP members is like below

  1. Judges and all their relatives and friends must junk their social media accounts immediately.
  2. Judges should not go out or allow anyone to come in their homes between 6 PM and 6 AM. They should not allow anyone to walk outside their homes.
  3. No foreign national should be seen near their homes.
  4. They should avoid any book writing and such stuff about their achievements. Their is a serious danger of these writings getting trolled.
  5. They should not have any contact with lawyers else Judges and lawyers will be declared as persons in cahoot.
  6. They should avoid fighting any kind of elections as Arvind kjriwal is definitely ready to fight that position in that election.