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Joker's association protests against ex-Congress minister for calling Rahul a joker

06, Jun 2014 By ganeshk

Joker’s Association of India (R.) and Standup Comedians of India (R.) today held a vociferous protest against Congressman Mustafa from Kerala and Bhanwar Lal from Rajasthan for daring to call Rahul a “Joker.”

Jokers, Clowns, Commedians of all sizes landed in front of the parliament building to protest “the unwarranted calling of Rahul – A Joker -which they termed an insult to their lifelong profession. President of the association (JAI ) Rajeev “Chottu” Sharma demanded to know whether Rahul Gandhi could deliver a single straight joke without reading from a written text.

The Association’s Lawyer threatened to take this matter to the Supreme Court declaring that it was unfair to compare jokers to Rahul since they have done things which Rahul had never done and will never do –work hard for their livelihood.

Besides they had made many miserable, unhappy people – Happy; whereas, but Rahul makes even the Happy people Unhappy –Just look at the UPA people, they were in power for 10 years and very happy but after Rahul now -they are all down in the dumps. On all these points, the media people had to agree.

Responding to these allegations, alleged Congress spokesperson Chamcha Sings said, “You cannot blame the defeat on one person and call him a Joker; in fact the Congress Party believes in “collective responsibility” and all Congress people should be called “Jokers”.

To which alleged BJP spokesperson Harhar Modu replied that “There should be no doubt in calling these people Jokers -having (mis)ruled the country for the last 10 years, these Jokers are laughing all the way to the banks, Swiss Banks, Mauritius Banks, Bermuda Banks I mean. But do not worry -Modi is with us- He can walk on water, fly in air, etc. and BJP will have the last laugh…….hahahhaa

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