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Jitendra Tomar to officially represent AAP in all court cases, including his own fake degree case

12, Jun 2015 By Golden Tooth

New Delhi: In a surprising move that is expected to raise many eyebrows, AAP today announced that Jitendra Tomar will fight all the court cases relating to members of AAP. The announcement comes days after Tomar was arrested by Delhi police on charges of possessing two fake degrees.

“With so many case pending in court and many more expected, we have to have a dedicated lawyer. A high level committee comprising Arvind Kejriwal, Manish Sisodia and Kumar Vishwas was formed. Manish Sisodiaji proposed the names of the lawyers that could represent AAP. The list included Fali Nariman, Soli Sorabjee, Ramjethmalani, Harish Salve and Jitendra Tomar,” said an AAP spokesman

Jitendra Singh Tomar
Tomar was happy with the announcement

“The decision wasn’t too easy. For couple of hours, Manishji and Vishwasji  weighted in for their choice. While on one side Manishji wanted either Narmiman or Sorabjee, on other side Vishwasjee wanted Ramjethmalani or Harish Salve to represent them. They tried every trick in the book including their childhood imi mimmi  thing to come up with one choice. But nothing worked.  Then both of them asked Arvindji to stop enjoying their discussion and make a decision. Arvindji chose, Jitendra Tomar”

One being asked how Arvindji made such a decision he said, “Arvindji rejected Nariman and Sorabjee for being too expensive. A Hi-Fi  and expensive lawyer cannot be a representative of Aam admi.  Ramjethmalani and Harish Slave were rejected for being a BJP agent and congress agent respectively. On Tomar, Arvindji felt, he  is not just cheap but he is one amongst us. Moreover, him representing AAP will send out a strong message to BJP that we trust our members no matter what police, facts and court says.”

On being asked about the expertise of Jitendra tomar the AAP spokesman said, “He is an expert of constitution, that will help us in challenging Najeeb Jung’s dictatorship in court. He has a sound knowledge of defamation suits, something that we are interested in much more than anything. Besides he has been  messiah for men oppressed by women, something that which will help Somnath Bharti and Kumar Vishwas a lot.”

If sources are to be believed the first case that Jitendra would take up officially from AAP,  would be his own case relating to fake degree. After that, he is expected to challenge constitutional validity of overruling powers of Lieutenant general in Delhi, a case expected to beat even the Keshavnanda bharti in epicness.