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Jayalalitha to spend one more night in jail, AIADMK supporters put on suicide watch

19, Oct 2014 By satyamati

Banglore: The whole state of Tamil Nadu (especially the AIADMK guys) was put on intense suicide watch by the central government soon after the news of Supreme Court granting interim bail to Amma spread along with the news that she will be released after more than One thousand, One hundred and forty minutes. Since the pharmacies saw an alarming rate in increase of sale of sleeping pills, the officials were alerted.

As soon as the news broke about the apex court granting bail to Jayalalitha in the 750 pairs of shoes and 10,500 nos of sarees case, AIADMK supporters danced in joy outside of Parappana Agrahara Central Prison, where she is lodged. One of her supporter even took to twitter to express how that old saying, “Amma brings rain to TN” has come true, since it has already started raining since Friday afternoon.

However the scene outside the jail turned ugly once the Amma worshipers came to know that she could only be released on Saturday and hence has to spend one more night in her special suit cell in the prison. Amma’s counsel B Kumar told the journalists, “Amma will be released…” and before he could complete, the crowd had already lifted him up and someone was about to garland him, when he unfortunately completed his sentence, “…but tomorrow, because of a few formalities.”

As soon as he uttered those words the crowd’s mood turned so grim, that for a moment our FN reporter wondered if Rajinikanth was all right, or if someone had said something derogatory about The lungi. Mr. Kumar, Amma’s counsel found himself lying on the corridors of a government hospital here after being beaten black and blue by the angry mob of Amma’s supporters for not being able to bring her along with him to them.

One of her female supporter was seen bellowing “Ayi, ayi, ayi ayiyo… ayiyo” while beating her chest and crying. When our FN reporter asked as to why is she crying when she should be happy that her wishes were about to come true in just one day, she said, “Who cares of Amma? When the last time she was sent to Jail, my elder son had committed suicide by consuming poison and now that her getting freed is delayed by one more day, I fear losing my other son too”.

On further investigation it came to the fore that this woman’s other son was found lying in Shaastang Pranaam pose infront of the Jail, awaiting his Mother Goddess’ homecoming. “Finally my 20 days penance is being rewarded by Amma herself. She is everywhere, she listens to the prayers of all her devotees and presents herself to them”. He said to our reporter quickly before getting back to meditating again.

Meanwhile, Subramaniam Swamy was seen laughing in his own dramatic style while talking to our other news correspondent. “I will get Sonia and Rahul into jail just like Jayalalitha”, Swamy was heard repeating the line again and again to any question put at him. It was clear that Swamy was in some sort of trauma.