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Jaya Bachchan, Kalidasa and golden age

20, Aug 2014 By none

To the highest delight of historians, Jaya Bachchan has qualified to enter books of history and India is poised for her third golden age.

Jaya Bachchan, who hardly needs any introduction, was a well-known actress even before she married to Amitabh Bachchan, the iconic Bollywood star. She is also a loving wife. [She is also believed to have saved her husband from a rather beautiful shark.] She is a doting mother and a loving grandmother. She is an ideal daughter-in-law [and if you ignore complaints from some plastic dolls] she is also an ideal mother-in-law herself.  Above all, she is a lawmaker from one of the most progressive and liberal parties of India.

Suddenly a cry about RJs making fun of lawmakers from her drew attention of the nation. [This also proved she is a good time-manager with a lot of time at her hands. Who else pays attention to the noise between two songs?] While our correspondents haven’t checked any of the recordings of obscenities she alleged, they went asking around for anyone who did – and they ran into retired professors of history.

A professor was very excited, “Oh my! India is entering great times! India is returning to her golden age!” When our reporters asked him why he thought the way he did, he said, “The only two times humor was banned in India. India had the best days when that happened. First was in the time King of Telangana, Tailap banned humor, attacked King of Malwa, Munj and got crushed him under the feet of an elephant. The second one was in 1975-77 when after the partition; first time there was a hope of reduction in population. This is third time! I wish humor is banned!”

Our reporters weren’t prepared for such a high dose of history. So to find a golden age in the days he was mentioning, they contacted another professor. He continued, “Look at this brilliant lady. She is going to be the Kalidasa of modern age. She is an artist. She has been a liberal. She has been eating and amassing fruits of the wonderful tree of freedom of expression. Now she wants to chop the very branch she is sitting on! How exactly like Kalidasa of early days! He was discovered by the pundits of Avanti chopping on the branch he was sitting – and was projected as the most intelligent man to the emperor Vikramaditya. Do you remember the story?

All she now needs is scorn form her husband like Kalidasa had from his wife. She will also go on a penance of Kali – and she will start writing our new Meghadootam, Abhijnaana Shankuntalam, Kumarasambhavam and what not!”

Then our correspondents asked him whether by “golden age” he meant “achchhe din”, he gave them a weird look and walked away.