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Janta Parivar merger inspires new Superhero series Captain VoteBank

20, Apr 2015 By shridhar

New Delhi. This political season we will be watching a new super hero series called Captain Votebank. Cartoon Network is coming up with a brand new super hero series where six secular individuals combine their powers to create a superhero called Captain VoteBank. This series has been inspired by Janta party merger. Cartoon network has already started promotions for this new series. We spoke to the guy behind the idea for this series. Here is Kekdekar’s interview with Secular Animator.

Kekdekar: What’s the plot?

Janata Parivar putting all their power together for the Super hero: Captain Votebank
Janata Parivar putting all their power together for the Super Hero: Captain Votebank

Secular Animator: The plot goes like this, India is plagued by a communal leader who is hell bent on destroying the secular fabric of our country. He is winning elections after elections. To save people from these atrocities, mother nature distributes 6 rings to 6 different people. When their powers are combined a superhero called Captain VoteBank comes to life and fights communalism.

Kekdekar: WOW!! Awesome, I would love to know more.

Secular Animator: The problem is that these 6 people have a past. They were working together before but because of differences they parted ways. The whole plot for first season is to bring them back together. There will be a lot of infighting and drama but their will to fight communal forces will force them to become a team again.

Kekdekar: Man !! What about corruption? Will this superhero fight corruption also?

Secular Animator: No. This superhero is all about fighting communalism. Pretty much like Captain Planet who used to save only nature from bad guys.

We spoke to one of Janta party leaders Lalu Prasad, he said, “This is great. Now kids will get to learn about secularism at a very young age. “We asked him if cartoon should have taught more important things like maths, science and arts, to that he said, “All that is not important. I don’t care whether children will about learn maths, arts or science. All I care is that they should be secular. Our aim is complete secularism.”