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"Janeudhari" Rahul Gandhi confronted Kapil Sibal and shouted "Mandir Wahin Banega"

11, Dec 2017 By Narendra Singh

Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi, who recently realized that he is also a “Januedhari Brahmin” Hindu, has reportedly gotten into a scuffle with Kapil Sibal- the famous lawyer cum economist who promoted a “Zero Loss Theory” in a multiple billion dollar scam. Kapil Sibal who is arguing against the cause of the Ram Temple in this case was on his way back from the scheduled hearing at the Apex Court but was apparently confronted by Mr Rahul Gandhi and his volley of hardliner Hindu Supporters (Read Hindutva brigade).

Kapil Sibal got down of his car after seeing Rahul in the middle of the Road and had started bowing down to greet him and said “Your Highness”, just when he was interrupted by a loud shout out by Rahul who reportedly shouted “Mandir Wahin Banega” amid a thunderous applause by his Hindu Supporters.

Rahul Gandhi showing his  Janeu
Rahul Gandhi showing his Janeu

Sources maintained that Kapil Sibal froze for more than a minute after hearing this from the Royal Scion Rahul Gandhi and was pinched on his cheeks to bring him back to his senses . He was also captured frantically getting back in the car and leaving in a jiffy immediately after when Rahul and his supporters started shouting “Jai shree Ram, Jai Shree Ram”.

Our Team who has been following this story unfolding have just reported that it is not just the Congress which has called an Emergency meeting seeing this new Awatar of Rahul, but even BJP had to cancel all their campaigns in Gujarat and has summoned their Top leaders including Yogi Adityanath, Uma Bharti, Sakshi Maharaj and Sangeet Som to BJP Chief’s residence for a late night meeting. Our highly placed sources in the BJP also tell us that the BJP team is seriously considering calling on board their highly respected “Margdarshak Mandal” headed by LK Advani who was the pioneer of the Ayodhya Ram Mandir case.

As at 11:00 pm late in the evening the meetings at BJP and Congress HQ’s were still going on. Our cameras outside the BJP office could capture Rajnath Singh very angrily waving his hand at Yogi Adityanath and outside Congress HQ we could see Digvijay Singh putting the blame of this new personality of Rahul on the RSS.

At the scene of the scuffle this morning the situation changed quite fast as the bystanders were heard saying that by the time Rahul left the scene he had changed his outfit to a Saffron dress like the one UP CM Yogi Adityanath likes to wear. On the social media, the scene was even more intense where a lot of twitter users were even found changing their profile pictures to support the Saffron “Rahul as the Next PM” in 2019. It turns out that the new Rahul has revitalized the Congress and the Gujarat campaign has taken a shape of the much larger campaign for 2019 national elections.