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Item girl title at stake, Kejriwal to fight Rakhi Sawant from Mumbai

28, Mar 2014 By Venkat Parthasarathy

March 27: World Theatre Day

“All the world’s a stage, And all the men and women merely players”. ~ William Shakespeare “I am the Best” ~ Arvind Kejriwal

Theatrics has been taken to an altogether new level by the political class and a novice in the sphere has suddenly catapulted himself to the top with his over-the-top-drama that he has put to shade the best of Broadway and the worst of Bollywood.

“I am the best”

With consistent performances day in and day out being played out to the ever-present-in-hordes tv cameras, we need not give much introduction to Arvind Kejriwal’s long list of accomplishments.

We shall today, on World Theatre Day, look at his latest offering. After the much maligned media shamelessly followed his theatrics to Varanasi and ‘exposed’ his ‘un-holy’ dip in the Ganges to the World and the subsequent rally with a huge turnout of over a few hundreds of cap wearing and gun-toting.. er.. broom-totting fans addressed, Kejriwal returned to Delhi quite tired and visibly shaken ‘dry’ and dejected (see the tweet).

Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) leaders of all hues rushed to greet Ar-Wind, as they fondly call him, and were keen to know of his next U-turn.

The much respected (Lol) and experienced ex editor Ashutosh was entrusted the job of furnishing a plan within the next one hour for the Drama King’s fresh salvo. After rummaging through the newspapers and social media, the king of Englis Gramar, felt His Excellency Kejriwal must now set his sights on eradicating corruption dished out by the entertainers of the silver screen.

Over the past few weeks hordes of film stars have been seeking to ‘serve’ the people through politics, a fact the master entertainer-cum-politician Kejriwal was much aware of with one of the dimpled starlets also joining his party.

However the latest entrant must be stopped. Rakhi Sawant, the so-called original item girl had made the media and the politicians from the ‘National parties’ to draw parallel with the 49-day CM and many times have compared him to the buxom bollywood item girl and times have felt Kejriwal is the better of the two.

As news came in that Rakhi Sawant was floating a new party and has announced to contest from the Mumbai North West Lok Sabha constituency, Kejriwal got all excited and felt, it was time to do a new U-turn.

Yes, Kejriwal, in now what has become his usual style, does a reverse to his earlier stance and  has accepted that contesting from two seats was not wrong and it was his ‘right’ to displace corrupt politicians.. er.. actors.. er.. minds.. er.. whatever.

With his topless pictures making big news in the media, Kejriwal says he is sure of winning the coveted war of ‘exposures’ and put an end to the debate of “Who is the best item girl in India”

We wish both the contestants a happy World Theatre Day!

Author: @Venkrek