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Italy plans the evacuation of Sonia Gandhi after situation worsened for her in India

10, Apr 2015 By Shikhar Nilabh

As Italy sensed the problems mounting up for Sonia Gandhi, it has decided to carry a evacuation operation for rescuing her.  The Italian Ambassador to India has said that the situation is extremely miserable for her and it will get more dismal in the coming days. The Prime Minister of Italy has made it clear that they would take Sonia back to the country only if she will not demand to become PM of the country. Though the political experts have opined that it is much easier for her to be the PM there than to be that in India.

Sonia Gandhi seeking rescue from Indian Government
Sonia Gandhi seeking rescue

Indian government has affirmed to give full support in evacuation, as India becomes the most friendly country for carrying the evacuation processes. Sonia was lately fretting about disappearance of Rahul Gandhi but many congressmen suspects that he is playing hide and seek in the parliament with Arnab Goswami. According to our sources, Sonia Gandhi is trying to persuade his son for going back to Italy but he wants to stay in India till Chota Bheem season 4 ends.

“The Indian Government doesn’t treat them nicely. We will take Sonia and his son back to Italy and  the son will be kept in a safer place”, said the health minister of Italy who also happens to have a minor in Psychiatry. The Indians have unanimously accepted the decision with many finally resorting to the congress symbol as they wave their hands in the air. Sonia Gandhi was enchanted to see the overwhelming support for her. She said, “Since the Loksabha Election of 2009, I have never seen so much of excitement amongst the people for congress. It’s the last opportunity for me to fulfill the expectation of the people.” Congress has entrusted Suresh Kalmadi for organizing  a grand farewell for her as he has experience of organizing closing ceremonies like a true congressman.  Some congress members are disgruntled, and warned to leave congress but later relented as Arvind Kejriwal quashed their application for AAP membership.

The evacuation was earlier decided to be made by a chopper of Agusta Westland, but later it was suspended as the company’s CEO is still indignant about cancellation of the contract even after bribing the congressmen in 2010. Finally, Air India has confirmed that a one way ticket has been booked for both. Sonia Gandhi  wanted to take Indian foods and other products to Italy but she was later assured by Raghuram Rajan that the export of Indian products will ratchet up after her departure.

According to her financial adviser “She has roped in an agency to convert all her black money to Euro at ten rupees more that the original conversion rate. She has also decided to donate all the money she has actually earned to support the education of a child for six months.” The party leadership has been accorded to Digvijay Singh who has asked the congress MPs to convene at the washroom of parliament to overhaul the drowning party. Modi has been reported to have tweeted “Finally Congress Mukt Bharat.  #Acchedin”.