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Italy Ki Mallika; Moradabad Ka Chor

19, Oct 2012 By filmyfaqir

At a recent post-scam success party at one of the many posh residences of Robert Vadra’s, Congress General Secretary Rahul Gandhi and Mr. Vadra himself, were found in deep conversation.

Our sources at the party reveal that Rahul was consoling his Jeejaji, given the sudden up-rise of Mango People of Banana Republic against Mr Vadra due to the property scam he was party in.

Madam Gandhi arrived late at the event, having gotten delayed at a Press Conference, at which she reportedly promised her’s as well as her party’s support to Damad ji, deeming it as ‘ghar ki baat’. Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has kept his silence on the matter.

Priyanka Gandhi when spoken to sounded a little off – ‘I don’t like the idea of having so many parties at the same residence. It’s just inconvenient. Post CWG-10, this has become quite a regular feature. Even Robber doesn’t like it. Nevertheless, the interests of the party and the nation are greater than our own, so I won’t fuss at this moment of celebration.’

Well Miss Gandhi, you certainly do epitomize sacrifice. As does your family and your political party. The nation salutes your spirit. The nation salutes your spirit. As for the future, many more to come.

(Title courtesy: Twitter)