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"It will be good if Youth Congress throws chilli & onions too, I can prepare an omelette" - Giriraj Singh

03, Apr 2015 By manithan

Anandpuri: BJP MP Giriraj Singh is again in news for the wrong reasons, which he claims as right though. Few days back, he had commented on the skin color of Sonia Gandhi and this has drawn ire from all corners of India. With his own political party talking against him, Giriraj Singh is currently in some undisclosed location. He, however, agreed to answer our phone call.

When asked about his comments on Sonia, he said, “I had already apologised on that issue. So we can discuss something else.”

Giriraj Singh thanks the Youth Congress workers for their warm gestures.
Giriraj Singh thanks the Youth Congress workers for their warm gestures.

We then asked about the attacks on his home. He laughed for a moment and continued, “Youth Congress members had been attacking my house. My family members told that they are throwing tomatoes and eggs. I will be glad if they could also throw chilli and onions too. My family members can make use of them, without the need to visit market. This sounds like Youth Congress workers are so jobless that they have to buy groceries for a BJP leader.”

He continued, “I am actually very hungry now. I will share my current address with you now. You can request Youth Congress members to throw the necessary ingredients for an omelette to my current residence too. They can throw eggs, tomatoes, onions, chilli and few bottles of pepper too.” When we reminded him about salt, he said, “Already, Amit bhai has told me to stop mixing salt in my diet.” The phone got disconnected.

According to reports from outside Giriraj’s residence, Youth Congress members as young as 77 year old are protesting outside his home now.

We met one such young Youth Congress member, a 82-year old Rahul Das. He said, “Does he think he can talk about our beloved Madam and walk free? We will not let him to talk henceforth. We have our ages ahead of us. We will fight against the old form of politics. Under the guidance of Shri Rahul Gandhi, we will fight against the fascist forces of BJP, which is trying to target the democratic Congress Party and its honorable leader Madamji.”

He then went to guide young workers on how to throw tomatoes and eggs.