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IT Engineer protests against everything at Rahul Gandhi's meeting

09, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Bangalore. High tension drama to the tune of Ekta Kapoor’s saas bahu serials was witnessed at a meeting addressed by Rahul Gandhi with an IT engineer accusing Mammohan Singh government of doing “nothing” over past nine and half years for poor IT engineers in the country. The HR from the unknown company for which engineer works, mushroomed in Bangalore for unknown reasons has distanced itself from the controversial remarks by calling its employee mentally ill and fully fit to work in inhuman conditions, preferably in there company only.

It’s still unclear what Rahul Gandhi was doing in that meeting except for telling everyone who gave an ear to him that his great great grandfather friend died for the country and he fears that forces that killed him are after him now. On the verge of conclusion of his supposed speech, Gandhi was interrupted by an IT engineer who popped up out of thin air. He started accusing Rahul Gandhi with truths, of being a youth icon for an entire quarter of century while most of the men of his age are now calling there teen aged children to not take him as an youth icon. He even called him the only Saala of India who is helping his brother-in-law in creating wealth out of thin air instead of eating his wealth out. That being a serious accusation and truth, put a blot on his non existent political carrier. Even the All India Saala Association has sent a notice to Gandhi and reply it within time frame without expecting an extension on deadline contrary to most institutions of India which regularly update their deadlines to politicians.

These accusations angered Rahul Gandhi so much that he folded up his sleeves and went to another media briefing of Congress conveyed by Digvijay Singh. There he brought out speech of his previous meeting, called it a complete nonsense and that should be tore down to pieces. Then he folded up his sleeves a bit more and went to another meeting to called something else nonsense.

Digvijay Singh latter claimed that hand of RSS is behind this sudden change of Rahul Gandhi’s behavior in calling everything nonsense.

P.S.: No one remembers what were other grievances of IT engineer as no one is interested in knowing them. But other IT engineers are calling it a step towards revolutions as at least someone has dared to speak. As per last reports, whereabouts of this alpha IT engineer are still unknown, and his last known appearance was near Bermuda triangle surrounded by sharks. R.I.P. our wayward soldier.