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ISRO finds planet where money grows on trees

02, Oct 2012 By moga

In what could be a path breaking discovery in the history of makind, ISRO has claimed to find a planet where money grows on trees.

ISRO spokesperson clarified while talking to mediapersons that investigations were still on to determine the currency of notes growing on the planet, which appeared green from the outer space.

BSE jumped 186 points in anticipation that the green color could be that of the Indian rupee notes.

ISRO is further planning to send an unmanned space craft to the planet, which is in the UPA-00 galaxy. Its reports also point out that there could be huge coal deposits buried deep under the surface of the planet which could take another 10 years to dig out.

Giving it a political color, BJP has attacked the credentials of Manmohan Singh as an economist. The party said that Dr. Singh knew nothing about money. MMS had (unfortunately) remarked few days ago that money didn’t grow on trees.

On other hand, Baba Ramdev was least amused by the latest development and asked that how could he expect the government to bring the money from some other planet when they have even failed to bring (black) money from other countries on the same planet.

On being asked whether the said planet could support life, ISRO official said, “We could only hope. If it turns out like this, then we can send a spaceship full of politicians over there, and that would be a win-win situation for all,” she sighed.