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'ISO:Kejriwal' to be the new standard for honesty

31, Mar 2014 By Postman Chacha

Varanasi ( till next referendum ) –  As the Lok Sabha elections are getting closer, voters are in dilemma about the candidates from their area. Whether to select this secular guy or the other one.

Arvind Kejriwal
Happy Kejriwal

To solve this problem, a new parameter has been introduced to check the honesty of a candidate. This standard is called ISO:Kejriwal.

For acquiring it the conditions are:

(i) One must chant Narendra Modi, Ambani and Adani’s name multiple times a day.

(ii) Must be ready to sit at dharna at any given time.

(iii) For any question the answer must be  ,”Main kaun hoon, meri aukaat kya hai. Mujhe neta nhi banna. Yeh aam aadmi ki ladai hai”.

A certificate will be given to anyone who complies with Kejriwal’s standards. This certificate will have a hologram in which Arvind Kejriwal will be sitting at Delhi’s throne and moving it by exactly 49 degrees, he will step down from it.

Sources confirm that anyone, members or supporters ,even remotely attached to AAP will get this certificate. AAP fans cheerfully acknowledged this decision and said,’ Hum sab ke andar ek Kejriwal hain”, which sounded a little creepy.

When our reporter Buri Khabar talked to Ashutosh about this he said,”Why has not Moudi got there shirtifikate, is he karrupt”.

While it seems a little difficult that anyone outside AAP will be having the criteria to be ISO: Kejriwal certified, but we can confirm Narendra Modi, Ambani/Adani are not even in the frame for this.