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Ishant's performance forced Kejriwal to resign: Sources

17, Feb 2014 By newsux

New Delhi. Arvind Kejriwal resigned from the position of the Chief Minister of Delhi few days back.

While addressing the media and the AAP supporters, Kejriwal alleged that it was the unwillingness of Congress and BJP to let the Jan Lokpal bill being passed that left him with no options.

Ishant Sharma rocks NZ and AAP alike
Ishant Sharma rocks NZ and AAP alike

However, our sources in the close circles of the AAP leaders claim that the real reason for the government to resign was the performance of Ishant Sharma in New Zealand where he bagged 6 wickets in the first innings of the Wellington test.

The discontent of Kejriwal’s party against Ishant Sharma is well known and documented. A few days ago, in an exclusive interview with Faking News, Kejriwal had revealed that he and his party were planning a protest against the BCCI questioning Ishant’s selection despite his poor performances over the years.

Kejriwal had also alleged that there is rampant corruption in the selection process and Ishant doesn’t even deserve to play in the Ranji trophy. (The detailed report can be found here ). However, Ishant’s performance today derailed Kejriwal’s agenda as no longer could he justify his stand on Ishant Sharma. AAP is clearly shocked and crying foul over this performance. Ashutosh, their spokesperson had earlier tweeted, “How can he take 6 wickets? All wicket balls should have been checked for no ball. #DRS”

However, Congress and BJP don’t seem to be ready to take the muck this time. Both parties have requested Faking News for the original transcript of the interview with Kejriwal where he had vowed to get Ishant Sharma expelled from the Indian team and alleged corruption behind his selection.

Our sources in both parties have told us that they are planning to expose this in a joint press conference in an attempt to repair their image that has been severely tarnished by Kejriwal and his party in the recent past. Congress is also planning to make Ishant the face of their party claiming that Ishant sprouted and grew under the Sheila Dixit government and is an example of Delhi’s development.

Further action from Kejriwal and the AAP is awaited as the test series against New Zealand progresses.