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Is the ban on mangoes a symbolic “NO” to the AAP from the EU?

07, May 2014 By rago

A new ban on mango imports into the EU from India has been confirmed. This came into effect beginning May 1, 2014 and is expected to last till December 2015.

Well obviously, the EU, especially Britain is not supportive of the Aam (Mango) Aadmi Party headed by one Mr. Arvind Kejriwal. EU has proceeded with the ban even though the AAP decided to have a mop for their party symbol.

What more can they do to keep the exported mango consignments free of flies? In fact the AAP party claim that they are the solution- if the mop wielding AAP contestants win the election in India, there will be no more flies in EU’s imported mangoes.

Worried Kejriwal
Worried Kejriwal

Still, the EU does not seem to favor the AAP. AAP members argue that this ban is targeted directly at them and support their argument with the fact that, there is no ban of lotus flower imports or of people with a single hand entering the EU yet. There is still no ban against the rising sun, while the British continue to sip their afternoon tea made from the two leaved tea leaves. This is truly a conspiracy against the common man-claim the AAP!

The Congress party spokesperson said they would provide external support to the AAP party in their battle against this discrimination by the EU. In fact, the spokesperson claimed that the UPA government has responded in support of the AAP by taking up this ban of mangoes to the World Trade Organization against the EU.

The EU on the other hand declined any ill intentions and suggested that, they will not be surprised if the AAP soon changed their party name to Aalu admi party (again AAP) soon after the ban is lifted and force the EU to consider potato imports from India.

Mr. Kejriwal was heard in the earlier election speeches saying that, one of the chief goals of Aam Admi party was to make available, the high quality Alphonso mangoes at a low price to the common man of India.

One hopes that the AAP does not claim this ban and hence the exceeding supply and decreasing cost of “export quality Alphonso mangoes” to be the “fruit” of their party’s hard work. Many believe Mr.Kejriwal is secretly fretting that he will soon be hit by one of those “flying decayed mangoes”. It will be interesting to see how this issue turns out in the coming weeks.