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Is Nitish Kumar jealous of Modi

31, Oct 2013 By diltopagalhai

After last Sunday’s blast in Gandhi Maidan in Patna, Nitsh Kumar came in for a major embarrassment this time from within his party. Mr. Shivanand Tiwari of the JD (U) said that Nitish should chew less paan (betel leaves mixed with areca nuts). While addressing the JD (U) legislative assembly members and party workers, he said that off late Mr. Nitish Kumar wants pink lips and for that he has started chewing more paan.

While everybody was fine by then, Mr. Shivanand Tiwari further added, “Modi’s lips are pink but one shouldn’t be jealous”. Mr. Tiwari was immediately booed away from the stage. Mr. Kumar refused to get drawn into the controversy, however his party’s spokesperson Mr. Devesh C. Thakur said that Mr. Tiwari already has pink lips and he need not chew paan for that. He did not however comment if any action would be taken against Mr. Tiwari.

BJP, in the meanwhile feeling emboldened with the comment, has decided to hold a “pink rally” in Bihar where it would sell “Modi paan” to the people who come to attend the rally. The people would be charged Rs. 5 for each paan. There is also a talk of a competition being arranged between paan chewers to see who can spit the farthest.

Mr. Kapil Sibal when approached by this reporter had refused to comment initially and had said that whatever BJP does is its internal business. Perhaps doing a rethink and probably not to miss an opportunity, he came back with his comments stating, “this is all a marketing gimmick of Modi….Rahul is actually the true pink lips guy”. He also accused Modi of using “Made in China” cosmetics for getting a pink complexion. Political analysts are still wondering if Modi actually has pink complexion or not.

The political circles are full of speculations of a possible tie-up between JD (U) and the Congress since both of them have accused Modi of using “Made in China” products. Mr. Nitish Kumar had earlier said that BJP and Modi had used “Made in China” ID cards for their Hoonkar Rally on Sunday.