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Is 'Modi' the Asgardian 'Loki', who wants to destroy our planet?

21, Apr 2014 By kathputali

While Modi is compared to Hitler, Mussolini, Idi Amin and Zia Ul Haq etc. by his detractors and with Ronald Reagon, Margaret Thatcher etc. by his admirers, a less known journalist Satku Kutarki of Faking News has compared him with less known villain Loki in a recent article.

This new comparison has sent shock waves across all the sections. While BJP leaders were seen crying foul for conspiracy against Modi at this new comparison, Leftist intellectuals have slammed the author for being soft on Modi for comparing him with this low profile villain Loki, whose crimes are nothing compared to Modi.

“Ab ki bar Loki sarkar”

“Modi is a mass-murderer as he happened to be the Chief Minister when riots happened, poor Loki couldn’t even get throne of Asgard due to his father’s bias towards his other son Thor,” an intellectual argued.

However Mr. Kutarki has got unexpected support from one top AAP leader, who claimed that Modi is completely exposed now and he can’t fool Aam Aadmi anymore. Later, the AAP leader released a sting video where Loki is seen to be suddenly disappearing and resurfacing as Modi on Assi Ghat of Varanasi using his miraculous powers.

This immediate rebuttal gave the much needed fame to Mr. Kutarki as twitteratti found a new topic to debate under the hashtag #ModiIsLoki. People who never heard of Loki, frantically started reading about Loki, to not appear dumb on Twitter.

The wikipedia article on Loki received 3.9 million hits in a day. This was also one of the rare occasions, where the financial magazine The Economist published a review of  movies ‘Thor’ and ‘Thor: The Dark World”, and appealed to people to watch these movies to understand  Loki   Modi well. The magazine also said that Rahul Gandhi is indeed that pure soul known as Thor, Congress hand symbol is the hand that will lift the hammer Mjöllnir and stop Modi. With these reviews, the IMDB ratings of films where Loki is portrayed as villain, has reached to 9.6/10.0. Inspired by this, the flop actors and directors of Hollywood have appealed to people of India to admit Rahul Gandhi as Thor, and put their trust on him as he is the only one who can stop Modi from destroying this planet.

Now with sudden overnight popularity, an arrogant Mr. Kutarki has warned Faking News, that if his article doesn’t get published everyday on front page, he will write another article comparing Faking News to Times of India. Threatened by this warning, we once again produce excerpts of the article by Mr. Kutarki as why he thinks Modi is no one else but Loki –


1. Loki is highly ambitious: Loki wants to get the throne of Asgard by any means, so is Modi. As Loki conspired against his king and his brother ‘Thor’ to get the throne, so has Modi done with his own senior leaders.

2. Loki is anti to inhabitants of earth: Modi is portrayed as anti-Muslim by secular people. He was also called anti-Hindu by Hindu right-wingers for demolishing Hindu Temples in the name of development. Christian organizations specially evangelists have expressed their worry because of law against forced conversion in Gujarat. With all the major religions expressing their concern, it seems Modi is against human beings and that is possible only he is an alien like Loki.

3. Loki is not secular: Loki never wore Muslim caps. Also, Loki was never seen giving interviews to secular journalists of NDTV, CNN-IBN etc. None of the legends talk about Loki apologizing for the killings happened during his time.

4. Loki is a sorcerer: Loki is known for sorcery and the power to change forms, so is Modi. Sonia Gandhi has already asked if Modi has got some magic. Modi changing dresses in every rallies and appearing at 100 places at the same shows that he indeed is a master of sorcery.

5. America doesn’t like Loki: Just like Modi, Loki was also not welcome in America. As a matter of fact, Loki never got visa from USA. America is vehemently opposing Modi as it had opposed Loki  due to their sole responsibility to maintain secularism and save humanity all across the world,.  If it was S.H.I.E.L.D. who was instrumental in stopping Loki, it is rumored that  C.I.A. has been assigned the responsibility to stop Modi.

With these highly striking similarities, it will be foolish to even ignore the threat that Modi is no one but same old Loki in a new body.