Monday, 23rd April, 2018

Iron Throne of Delhi

18, Apr 2014 By jigar

Queen Sonia of House Baraethoen realized there is no way it can form a government and put Jeoffery AKA Rahul Baratheon on the Iron Throne, King Singh had died and Rahul Baratheon was the heir but secrets were unleashed and he was no longer viewed in favourable light Everyone knew he was weak who would drive the kingdom into flames.

King of the North , NaMo of the house Stark looked strong and Marching towards Iron throne in Delhi. He won three battles in land of Gujarat and looked unbeatable but the new leader of Harrenhal Arvind Kejriwal has a devious plan in his mind. Harrenhal has long since been faithful to king of North but it feels betrayed by King of North and may strike alliance with Hand of the King Mr. Chidamabaram.

Meanwhile the followers of Lord of light Mulayam Singh seem to be far away from Delhi but their Dragons and Lions are creating lot of nose. As for Queen Jay Lalitha of House Tagerayan it is still a long march to Iron throne but she has firmly established herself and is looking for Army.

There will be a war , it has already began. It remains to be seem who holds the Iron Throne the only hope for realm is that it is not a mad king and that realm survives the blood bath to re-emerge stronger than ever