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IPhone, iPads worth lakhs stolen from Kanhaiya’s private-jet, he claims poor-minorities unsafe in country

25, Apr 2016 By Pagla Ghoda

New Delhi: A poor JNU student Kanhaiya Kumar who will be completing his 15th year of studies at the university, has alleged that he has suffered yet another attack during his recent airplane trip. But this time he was not personally attacked yet a few iPhones, iPads, Macbooks, gold jewelry worth lakhs of rupees was stolen from the cargo section of a private jet owned by him.

Kanhaiya with his iPhone
Kanhaiya with his iPhone

“After Kanhaiya said last week that he was reportedly attacked during a flight trip, he has started to use his private jet a lot more frequently. That way he and his campaign team can travels closely and make political strategies while in air”. Said Kanhaiya’s personal secretary Varsha Ghosh. “However this theft has again raised some serious questions on his overall security and safety. We may ask for a Z-security cover for him pretty soon.”

Kanhaiya was himself pretty livid and visibly angry when he spoke of this “attack” at his latest lecture at JNU. A huge crowd including 7 professors, 47 students and 477 reporters thundered with applause as he spoke. He said, “We the poor people are not safe here. Hum teen hazaar rupye prati mahina kamaane waalo ko tang kiya ja raha hai. But don’t worry, our fight for freedom will continue as planned. We the poor minorities are mascots of freedom of speech, expression and expenditure in this country. You loot us of lakhs, but don’t you worry because our hearts are made of solid gold, we will put our golden feelings on stake and will sail through. Azadi bhai azadi, leke rahenge azadi.” Kanhaiya kept shouting such slogans until his driver picked him up from the venue in his BMW.

While it is not yet clear if Kanhaiya will indeed be provided Z-plus security by government, it is however being rumored that several private security firms have already placed bids to provide an impeccable security cover to Kanhaiya at as low as 5.7 lakhs per day, but owing to his poverty stricken background he can only afford to pay 4.3 lakh rupees a day.