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Interview of a Kejriwal fanboy

20, Jan 2014 By jayantkaushik

Finding time from his busy schedule of balancing college life with AAP activism, Mr Santosh gave us a quick bite on his views about, politics, corruption, and AAP. Here’s what he said to our reporter Chandu.

Lord Kejriwal.
Lord Kejriwal.

Q. What do you want?

Ans.To end corruption.

Q. What will end corruption?


Q. How do you know?

Ans. Lord kejriwal says so.

Q. Why cant he be wrong?

Ans. He is an IITian.

Q. So are Jairam Ramesh and Manohar Parikar?

Ans. Manohar Parikar is evil because Lord Kejriwal says that BJP and congress are two sides of the same coin.

Q. But isn’t it true that BJP never allied with congress and AAP just did?

Ans. He did a referendum before alliance and Delhi wanted him to do so.

Q. Despite the promise of staying non aligned? Is it okay if Lord Kejriwal becomes PM with congress support?

Ans. He just promised that he wont contest Lok Sabha elections.

Q. But didn’t he also promise to never contest any elections, and then to never take support from any political party, and then to take action against Sheila?

Ans. Get lost you Modi bhakt. We want to end corruption.

Q. What will end corruption?

Ans. Lokpal

Q. So we are back to square one. Do you know that Kejriwal’s NGOs are funded by Ford foundation, which works for the CIA?

Ans. So what’s wrong in CIA funding honest Indians to end corruption in India. And Modi is no saint either.

Q. No he is not. Lust for power corrupts everybody. Nobody is impeccably honest. I support him because his party appears to be the lesser evil, with a far better performance record than their only rival.

Ans. I believe in Kejriwal. He is honest.

Q. Despite his clear support for Congress, CIA, Naxals, separatists, terrorists, and communists?

Ans. Yes

Q. What’s your philosophy in life?

Ans. Rang de basanti.

Q. Who are you?

Ans. AAP zombie

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