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Intelligence Bureau issues terror alert on Kejriwal; puts Shinde in a fix

31, Jan 2014 By sandip99

The Intelligence Bureau has today issued a new security alert that Delhi CM and popular Aam Aadmi, Arvind Kejriwal, is likely to be targeted by Pakistan’s spy agency, the ISI.

IB warned that Kejriwal is especially vulnerable to attacks because he easily stands out in any crowd due to his trademark muffler. IB got proof for the same from telephone intercepts of ISI cadres and a Republic day evening raid conducted in the capital city. IB has released a photograph which they found in the terrorist’s hideout during a secret raid in Delhi’s notorious Khirki extension, which clearly identifies the Chief Minister watching the Republic Day parade among a big crowd.

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Delhi CM (red circle) during the Republic Day parade at Rajpath, New Delhi” src=”” width=”312″ height=”129″ /> Delhi CM (red circle) during the Republic Day parade at Rajpath, New Delhi

When asked, the IB spokesperson clarified that the raid was done with a warrant and with Law Minister Somnath Bharti’s permission. However, it is known that Mr Bharti could not lead the raid because he was taking part in a tricolor-balloon flying celebration on the occasion of the Republic day in nearby Mayur Vihar.

The Bureau claimed that the modus operandi of the attack will be to target Mr Kejriwal using a shoulder-held, heat-sensitive missile. Some Ugandan and Nigerian youngsters have been deployed by the ISI for this purpose. The two pronged technique by terrorists of using visual cues for spotting the muffler-clad CM in any dharna and thermal sensitivity of the missile to target his muffler makes this a deadly approach, claimed a senior IB official.

“Though we couldn’t arrest anyone, we have telephone intercepts which clearly reveal the terrorists’ plan. It seems that there were differences of opinion among ISI cadres, with one group arguing that AAP should be considered as a friend and not foe in view of their Kashmir policy and general performance so far,” the official added on conditions of anonymity. “Kejriwalji has successfully implemented anarchy in Delhi while we have been unsuccessfully trying to do it in all these years” – one ISI message reportedly said.

Meanwhile, Mr Kejriwal’s response to the news has caused a frenzy to envelope the Union Home Ministry. “I read the Constitution again last night. Nowhere does it say that a CM shouldn’t wear a muffler”, declared the defiant CM. Anonymous sources in the Minsitry told Faking News that Sushilkumar Shinde had to be taken to the AIIMS Psychiatry Department for a brief consultation and treatment.

Heightened security measures would continue for the Delhi CM without his knowledge, one of Shinde’s aides added.