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Inspired by Modi, Kejriwal announces his biopic

07, Feb 2017 By AmWit

New Delhi: Be it regarding their mothers or the political battlefield, Mr. Arvind Kejriwal has always tried his level best to compete with Mr. Narendra Modi. No prizes for guessing that this time he has taken this battle to the Bollywood Box Office.

Kejriwal meeting different production houses and directors for his biopic
Kejriwal meeting different production houses and directors for his biopic

It has been a while that Mr. Modi had permitted Paresh Rawal to be the onscreen Narendra Modi in his biopic and the AAP camp was seen discussing what would be Kejriwal’s next step. Without leaving much to rumors, Mr. Kejriwal himself announced that he has also been approached by a few directors and producers from Bollywood to make his biopic. He went further in saying that he has finalized that the (in)famous KRK will be playing his role but is still not sure which production house will bag the rights for the film.

Substantiating his decision, he said, “I have been posting reviews about movies on twitter for long but it is the time I put my actual suggestions to work.” Brushing off all claims about him copying Modi all the time, he further said, “I had taken this decision a long time ago but was mum on this. I had been taking auditions for actors and the supporting roles for a while. Mr. Modi had tapped my cell phone and got to know about my plan. He is following my suit in this case.”

Speaking to Faking News, an AAP worker close to Mr. Kejriwal said on condition of anonymity, “Not a single production house has approached Mr. Kejriwal. He is the one who has been requesting many producers and directors to consider his biopic. Only KRK has been generous enough to lower his dignity to play Mr. Kejriwal.” Manish Sisodia was heard saying that Sajid Khan was the director they are eyeing for because of the negligible humor he portrays in his films. The AAP camp was also heard discussing that Kejriwal’s biopic will release on the same day Modi’s biopic releases. They are very optimistic that Kejriwal’s biopic will make much more money than Modi’s. All the profits from this film will be used to donate mufflers to the underprivileged of Delhi.

We are yet to get the reactions from the BJP camp.

Meanwhile, inspired by these developments, Rahul Gandhi is planning talks about starting a cartoon series on him.