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Inspired from 'Up in the Air' movie, BJP to hire George Clooney to fire their rebel leaders

05, Apr 2014 By manithan

Eventhough Congress, Aam Aadmi party and the rest of all political parties had their share of rebel leaders, the “Ambani paid agents” mainstream media was meticulously showcasing the rebellion within the ladders of Bharatiya Janata Party. The rebellion was shown to reach the peak with sidelining of Advani and exit of Jaswant Singh.

Advani later reiterating his position in blog avoided the media attention and controlled his tears. But, the sad and stressed Jaswant Singh could not. He was seen crying in the press meet, which became the “meme” moment for news channels, which kept on replaying it again and again. This was a big embarrassment for the BJP and it is even considered that this might impact their victory chance in the 2014 Lok Sabha polls.

So, in order to clinch to the victory path and to make Modi the Prime Minister in two months, BJP has decided to spend a heavy amount on roping in the famous Hollywood star George Clooney to India.

Speaking to the press, Ram Shankar Prasad, the BJP spokesperson said, “You would have all seen “Up in the Air” movie which was released few years back. In that, Clooney was playing the role of a “downsizer” who will fire the employees on the behalf of employer. Employers who were scared of firing in person will pay Clooney to do that job for them. A few recent events related to downsizing of our party created a negative image for us. So, we have decided to bring in Clooney to help us in firing the disgruntled party leaders and members. Though it was just a fiction film and Clooney was just an actor, we have had enough actors in politics and so, we thought ‘why not try his skills?'”

There were rumors spread in the Twitter that BJP is planning to extend the stay of Clooney with the party so that if they win the election, they will use Clooney to rob the Swiss bank (like Ocean’s Series) and bring it back to India.

George Clooney, though avoided direct answering to the media, was believed to have already started his downsizing interviews with possible exit candidates of BJP. Immediately, following the toe of BJP, Congress too announced that it will be bringing in the Indian George Clooney “Aneesh Chopra” to India, to fire its own members.

This news did not shake the Aam Aadmi Party, which proudly boasted of a George Clooney in their own ranks. It was none other than the SpellBee Ashutosh, who lacks the pepper in the “salt&pepper” haircolor of George Clooney. He is also given the title of Aam Clooney, while George Clooney was already crowned as “Ambani’s agent”.

Aam Clooney in action. This is how people join AAP.