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Inspired from RIM rebranding, Congress renamed to "Rahul"

31, Jan 2013 By idiot420

Taking inspiration from Research In Motion rebranding to Blackberry, in a shocking move Congress has renamed itself to Rahul. This step is being seen as a desperate try from the ruling party to get back public acceptance ahead of 2014 parliamentary election.

This announcement has been done by Digvijay Singh and Mani Shankar Aiyar in a joint press conference held today morning.

In answer to a media question Digvijay Singh said, “Main reason behind renaming is to promote our party as party of youth, it will certainly boost up the morale of party workers who are demanding a bigger role for rahul for long time.”

Party has also announced it’s new punchline “Rahul, naam to suna hi hoga“.

Of course, now what can be bigger than this, Rahul is vice-president of political party named “Rahul”. This will certainly increase responsibility of Sonia Gandhi as party will always remind her of her own son, so she will be more more caring.

Taking jibe over this whole matter one of senior leader of opposition said, “It happens in business families, many time you must have seen when some transporter buys a new Bus, they name it after their son or daughter.”