Thursday, 22nd March, 2018

Inspired from Rahul Gandhi's speeches, Congress worker changes his gender to empower himself

29, Apr 2014 By Pratik Purohit

Delhi: Manish Sharma (now known as Manisha Sharma), a congress worker and hardcore Rahul Gandhi fan changed his gender from male to female.

Manisha Sharma who never misses any speech and interview of Rahul Gandhi was very impressed and inspired from emphasis of Rahul Gandhi on women empowerment.

Manisha’s favorite actor

Speaking to the Faking News correspondent about reasons of life changing decision, Manish err Manisha dressed in saree said, “There are waves of women empowerment and RTI inside Rahul Gandhi. I can feel that from his words in the answer of any question in interview and in speeches too. I am too confident that he will become Prime Minister; his vision is crystal clear on women empowerment and RTI. I don’t think that as an Indian husband I would ever be empowered. So in order to avail advantage of women empowerment under leadership of Rahul Gandhi in near future, I decided to act now and change my gender. I want to be empowered like Priyanka Gandhi.”

Ignoring the questions over rapes and kidnaps in Delhi and other part of country under congress government, “Sabka bhaiya kesa ho,Rahul bhaiya jesa ho..” shouted Manisha Sharma in thin feminine voice.

Meanwhile his/her father is still struggling to update entries in ration card regarding family information. Wife is in great shock as she is now her wife from his wife while children are very happy and excited after the birth of their new mother.