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Inspired by Youth Congress, AAP supporters to protest pantless against Najeeb Jung

08, Aug 2015 By thepelicanclub

While Youth Congress workers are protesting against the BJP government at the center by going shirtless, if sources are to be believed, AAP has quickly realized the drama potential of the protest and decided to add their own raita to take it to the next level.

Perhaps realizing that 500-crores of publicity adds targeted against Narendra Modi and doing anti-BJP canvassing in Bihar (even though AAP has no plans to fight Bihar elections) are stunts that are getting stale, AAP allegedly has come up with the new form of protest.

An internal survey has revealed that AAP supporters are too excited to come on TV in similar fashion
An internal survey has revealed that AAP supporters are too excited to come on TV in similar fashion

Some unverified AAP workers are planning to protest against Delhi LG – Najeeb Jung by going pantless!

The workers are demanding the following and want the Prime Minister to ensure the demands are met:

1. Army, Air Force and Navy be brought under Delhi Government.

2. RBI, SEBI and all other financial regulators be brought under Delhi Government.

3. Finance Minister and RBI to buy Apple and Samsung and bring them under Delhi Government so that Delhites can enjoy free wifi over best smartphones for free.

4. Cisco and all Indian telecom operators be brought under Delhi Government for free wifi and data.

5. Constitutional amendment to introduce Right to Print Own Degree as a fundamental right.

6. All film critics except Arvind Kejriwal should be banned.

7. Kumar Vishwas be given Nobel Prize for Literature.

(the writer could not keep pace with further demands. Media friendly AAP though has shared 5000 page pdf document as first part of the AAP demands.)

On being asked what is the point of going shirtless, an angry worker explained this is to remind the LG his “Aukaat”. Baffled by this explanation, when the writer asked how, the worker came back with this gem that mirrors AAP’s clear and insightful thinking – “Aadmi kitna bhi achcha kapda pehen le, kapde ke neeche woh nanga hi rehta hai” translated as – even if a man wears impeccable clothes, underneath all the clothing – he’s still naked!.

The worker continued –  “We want to remind the LG to keep his Krantikari attitude in check, he was appointed by our spiritual guru and secret well wisher and he has turned on us! With our pants off, we want to remind him the reality below the new clothes is not unknown to us! “

The writer is no longer in a position to continue further and has requested to be removed from AAP beat.