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Inspired by Woman's day celebrations, third genders of Farukhabad decide to celebrate Eunuchs day

12, Mar 2014 By mithyaprakash

Farukhabad: Inspired the grand celebrations on the Woman’s day, the androgynous folks in the city decided to celebrate ‘their’ day as they felt it necessary to demonstrate their presence.

“We have been seen as out-castes and humiliated,” Chandu, who seems to be a male but likes to be identified as a girl, said “it is time for us to show our presence and get some recognition in the society”.

A prominent leader of Farukhabad who may attend the event.
A prominent leader of Farukhabad who may attend the event.

“Hijras have always been an integral part of any society. Due to their typical behavior and tendency to blame other’s without any reason they have been seen as ‘something’ not as someone.” When interviewed, a social activist who does not want to disclose his identity told Faking news.

“Of late, some eunuchs have also been moved ahead and started calling other people Hijras. This has further reduced their worth and people have started making fun of their irresponsible comments”.

On being asked by Faking News how are they going to celebrate Hijra day, “We will organize some rally and invite some local MP to lead it. There will be some dancing and singing typical to our style. Then the guest will address the rally and share some valuable tips on how to call others a ‘Napunsak’ without a reason.” a Eunuch clapped.

Sources tell that this is a plan to please a local MP who is fond of these Eunuchs and had made huge contribution to this community by baselessly calling anybody a Hijra, there by getting the ‘Napunsak’ term in trending. By deciding to celebrate in his leadership, they are just returning the favors.

One of the Hijra hesitated to answer when Faking News asked, why they have chosen Jan 1st as their day. However, close sources say it is the birthday of their revered leader.

Some secret sources disclosed that they are still considering the option of inviting the MP as a guest to the celebrations as they are not sure the MP will still hold his office till Jan 1st, failing which they are thinking of making him as The Hon President of CHAKKA (Central Hijra And Klap Klap Association).