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Inspired by Whatsapp buy, Indian government to try and sell IRCTC to Facebook as well

22, Feb 2014 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: After getting wind of Facebook’s $19 billion acquisition of Whatsapp, P. Chidambaran, the Finance Minister of India, has issued a stern advisory to Facebook to buy off IRCTC as well if it wanted to continue its potentially lucrative businesses in India.

Lets offload it.
Lets offload it.

“We have extremely strong data backing us. The data that shows us that people waste several more hours on IRCTC website than on Whatsapp in India,” Chidambaram said, in an exclusive interview with this reporter. “So of course, it is a much better proposition for Facebook to buy.”

“If it comes to it, we will force them to buy IRCTC, by passing a cabinet note that logging into Facebook is a service and making Facebook pay service tax arrears for the last ten years it has been in India for every single login,” Chidambaram said, when quizzed about his action plan of going about it.

“This will help us kill two birds with one stone,” Chidambaram continued. “It will help our government reduce the Fiscal Deficit finally below 4.1% and also help us offload the management and running costs of IRCTC, which currently employs two full time employees, three chimpanzees and a cow.”