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Inspired by "The Doors", AAP launches a band - "The Brooms"

04, Oct 2014 By ajeeb

Sued from mostly all parts of the country, AAP has taken another initiative for delivering their messages to Indians. They are ready with a music band named “The Brooms” which includes leading party members.

If sources are to be believed, this decision is inspired from a famous American rock band ‘The Doors’.

Party chief will be holding on to the drums followed by famous poet Mr. Vishwas handling the vocals, music director and Bass guitarist will be Mr. Bhushan, Mr. Ashutosh will be tapping on to the lead guitar strings.

AAP, Ki Kashish Sarfarosh Hai
AAP, Ki Kashish Sarfarosh Hai

“We have done enough to make people understand the power of AAP, but the truth is that truth is an indigestible entity. With this band we will be spreading our views in the form of music, in this era everyone gets music easily; in support of this I have well documented facts. My ultimate aim is to eradicate corruption from the society and for that I can go down to any possible level humanity has ever chased,” disclosed the party chief revealing the idea behind the formation of this band.

Soon the band is about to launch their first album, ‘The Brooms’, inside sources from the party have also provided us the names of some tracks;

1) ‘RTI’: I love you Madly 2) The Crystal Broom 3) Dharna Song 4) Riders of the Truth 5) People are Corrupt 6) Delhi woman