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Inspired by Srinivasan becoming ICC Chairman, Rahul Gandhi to contest for the post of UN Secretary-General

26, Jun 2014 By realfaker

Rahul Gandhi who had gone into serious introspection mode after the brutal debacle of Congress party in this Lok Sabha elections has resurfaced with his master-plan to re-invigorate his political. Rahul Baba had retired to his estate home in the Italian countryside.

Sonia Gandhi and Rahul Gandhi
“Good work son”

“Raul Babino had woken up early Italian Standard Time to do his daily dose of Aikido. After the session he decided to check online for any new jokes/ memes on him/mom/jijaji. But, sadly the twitterati seems to have forgotten Babino since the elections. It’s beens really hard for him. He searches Google Images for “Rahul Gandhi Memes” with great enthusiasm but is soon disappointed by the results. He refreshes the page multiple times to check if it is old cache. Accidentally he clicked the Google news button when to his surprised he found the Srinivasan news which made Baba rise up spontaneously in his Aikido pose,” recollected Mario Luigi Berlusconi, Rahul’s Italian Butler.

Reports are coming in that Rahul has been making frantic calls all day to his Man Fridays at the Congress Party to devise a possible plan for Rahul to contest the Next UN secretary-general elections.

Sources say that Rahul has learnt from his previous debacles of running campaigns and decided to roped in Sashi Tharoor who had previously contested for the post to be his Campaign Manager.

Industry experts are stunned by the choice of Sajid Khan as the marketing head for the campaign. “It makes perfect sense, if he can make profits out of Humshakals and Housefull 2, he will make Rahul Baba look like Kofi Annan to the UN Voters,” suggested Digvijaya Singh.

“It shows how much Baba has matured and how much humble he is,” opiniated Ajay Maken.

“We will support whatever Rahul ji will say,” said a hurried and driven Rajeev Shukla apparently on his way to UN Head Quarters New York but unaware of whom to meet there.

Meanwhile, rumour mills are abuzz that Srinivasan is reconsidering his election after the new developments triggered by Mr. Gandhi.