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Inspired by Rahul Yadav, Rahul Gandhi to distribute land to the government; says too young to be a serious politician

15, May 2015 By George BoreWell

New Delhi. In a shocking development, Rahul Gandhi passed on some 10,000 acres of personally owned land to the government. Yesterday, Rahul Yadav of made an announcement that he’s distributing all the shares he owns in the company to employees. Rahul Gandhi said in the press conference that he is deeply moved by Rahul Yadav’s gesture and considers it his responsibility to do something similar as he shares first name with Yadav.

Rahul Yadav and Rahul Gandhi
Rahul inspiring Rahul

Why government?

However, there is one striking difference. While Yadav has pledged shares to the employees, Pappu, as he’s fondly known as, has distributed the land to the government. Upon questioned on why he did so, Rahul Gandhi cited the row over land acquisition bill as the prime reason. “The press is full of debates on land acquisition bill. I am leading my party’s stance on the issue. Everyday, I have been walking in padyatras more than I ever did, put together. Since I’m not used to walking, I thought it’s better to get rid of the issue. Besides, there are hardly any congress members left to distribute the land to”, Rahul Gandhi said in the conference. Upon, the announcement, prime minister Modi tweeted his gratitude and vowed to use the land for smart cities project. However, PMO is concerned about viability of using Rahul Gandhi’s land for SMART cities.

Why so serious

Echoing Mr. Yadav’s tune, Rahul Gandhi said he’s too young to be a serious politician or a land mafia and the matters should be left to elders like Digvijaya Singh and Robert Vadra, respectively.

The political angle

However, some voices in the insider circle say that Rahul Gandhi considers Mr. Yadav’s act as a move by recently united Janta Parivaar to attract working class voters. In fact, out correspondents spotted hoardings congratulating Rahul Yadav for his action in UP’s Barabanki district. Since employs mostly IITians, Rahul Gandhi also smells possible political equation between the Janta Parivaar and AAP.

Clash with the board likely

In yet another similarity between the two incidences, Rahul Gandhi’s move may lead to clash with Congress parliamentary board, which includes Rahul Gandhi, Sonia Gandhi, Priyanka Gandhi, and Robert Vadra. Especially, Robert Vadra is expected to strongly oppose the move and Priyanka is expected to support Robert, being his wife. Mr. Vadra fears that he may have to give away his land holdings if he supports Rahul Gandhi’s move.

DLF falls

DLF fell by 20% and hit lower circuit immediately after Rahul Gandhi announced his plans.