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Inspired by India, China also shows lack of interest in North-East states of India

05, Feb 2014 By 0mar Abdullah

China is always interested in the possession of some part of Arunachal Pradesh and other North States of India. But from past few months, China is suddenly lacking interest in NE states of India.

Man behind the change

“It’s all due to Rahul ji’s efforts that China is neglecting Indian territory. This is in our manifesto also but Rahul Ji achieved it much before the General election. Truly it’s Bharat Nirman moment for us,” Congress Party Spokesperson said.

But NE people have entirely different opinion. When asked are you happy with the efforts of Central Government, convener of the newly launched NE States People’s Conference replied, “Not at all. Central Government has been ignoring NE people since independence. As central government show negligible interest in NE development and China has also decided not to waste the efforts in NE states possession.”

“China thought that India is not giving attention to NE states so it would be difficult to get attention, when we will intrude into Indian territory, even from powerful countries like US and Russia ,” Convener further said, “Yes you can say that it’s because of Rahul ji and Congress that NE states are not getting any attention and that’s what inspired China and they also decided to ignore NE states.”

Meanwhile in Janpath 10, Congress supporters are bursting crackers and claiming big achievement for congress and have decided to advertise this via Bharat Nirman Ads on Television.

“Its ignorance or Rahul Ji’s systematic planning for NE states, whatever you want to say but it’s really a big achievement for us,” Digvijay Singh triumphantly told Faking News, “We are planning same ignorance  strategy for Leh and Ladakh also. This is really master piece from Rahul ji’s mind. Truly Rahul Ji deserves a chance as Prime Minister of India.”