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Inspired by his own Lok Sabha speech and backing MPs, Rahul Gandhi starts a Qawwali group called "Namooney"

27, Apr 2015 By Beer & Biryani

New Delhi, India: The Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi has reportedly started a Qawwali troop called “Namooney”, after being mightily impressed with his own abilities as a Lok Sabha speaker and flair for carrying along a group of people.

“Namooney engrossed in a random jam session as Rahul tries his hand on Diggy’s stand-by Harmonium.”

Last week, Rahul had given a terrific speech in the Lok Sabha where a group of Congress MPs surrounding him were found to be prompting “shame” in a repeat mode, for every six words uttered from his mouth. Rahul is believed to have seen the recorded version of his own speech and the idea of Qawwali struck him as he listened to the repeated prompts of his MPs. He immediately went online, watched Rishi Kapoor’s “Parda hai parda” qawwali song and finally made up his mind to start Namooney.

Our reporters spoke to a Congress official who requested anonymity to avoid the risk of being included in the troop. He said, “Rahul ji has set-up an All India Congress Committee meeting to decide the seating position of MPs on the mattress, songs to be sung by his Qawwali troop etc. As far as my knowledge of positioning is concerned, Rahul ji would occupy the center position with Dafli (Tambourine) in his hand while Shindia would be the first backing man. Digvijay has offered to play the Harmonium as far as the practice sessions are concerned. He may become permanent if he proves consistency.”

Sources say “Namooney” are planning to get the necessary training from Qawwali great Abida Parween and subsequently, participate in world events.