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Inspired by AAP, supporter to decide wife via text messages

18, Dec 2013 By Sagar Birla

NEW DELHI: For the first time in India, a party has decided to sought the opinion of people on the issue of Government formation. AAP is taking its name too literally and will take final call after the response and census of Aap Aadmi. People can call, send SMS or give their opinion on party’s website.

Change is in the air.
Change is in the air.

Mr. Ranbir, a supporter of AAP and follower of Kejriwal, has been inspired so much that he has decided to select his life partner by public opinion. “If you study my life, it resembles totally with Delhi. My relatives were ruling or governing my life for the past 15 years. Right from my schooling, they were the one who were deciding my life decisions directly or indirectly.

They were the one who took a call regarding my first school, friends, tuition, coaching classes and even career. I am not complaining. Apparently, it all turned out well. I developed a lot during that period”, he explained. “Sheila aunty made me believe that there is a lot of scope in Engineering. I got admission in a decent engineering college and all credit goes to my relatives for that. But last 2-3 years had been very difficult. I realized this when I didn’t get a job. That is when I decided that this is about time and I would not listen to my relatives anymore.”

“And since this time it was about about my marriage, my remaining life; I decided and chose my parents to take this call. My relatives tried to intervene again but this time I ignored them totally. My parents chose Vijayaa Goel as my to-be-bride and everything was going as planned. But, suddenly out of nowhere we got to know a few things about her past. Thanks to my parents, they found her replacement so quickly and Harshita Vardhan was chosen as my fiance”, Ranbir continued.

“We were almost there. But suddenly the things went bizarre when Harshita’s parents  visited a pandit for ‘Kundali Milan’. They couldn’t get 36-gunns, which is essential for a marriage to become success and we had to call this marriage off”, said heart-broken Ranbir. But now he has taken matters into his hands. He is going to go AAP-way and will decide his life partner via public opinion.

“Though I am an engineer; my life has been good. I have had a few affairs and crush. I am gonna compile all those names. Anybody who knows me and any of those girls, even remotely; can vote and let me know their opinion”, he explained his strategy. People can send text messages, call him and even WhatsApp to make their opinion count. Being out of job, he is also planning to set up a website to provide a real-time view of votes. The site would also serve as another alternative voting machine.

“I am also going to distribute over 5,000 forms over all the CCDs, Dominos, McDonalds and all the places where I dated those girls. It would give me a more generic view and an outsider perception regarding those girls”, Ranbir explained. All his well wishers declared that they are going to vote NOTA and save his life from misery.