Friday, 20th April, 2018

Inside news on new cabinet on eve of swearing in day

02, Nov 2014 By praprapra

The rumour that there will be only 7 ministers sworn in in Maharashtra has more to it, than meets the eye; and also to the reluctance of BJP to actively court Shiv sena to join.

Our investigative reporters in plainclothes ( for journos plain cloths means not having a camera, notepad or recorder) and few in camouflage mingled around Vidhan Bhavan to get inside dope. The camouflage was easy, white kurta pajama or khadi half sleeves shirt on trousers, not tucked in!

“ You see, we need very few ministers only to undone the damages by previous governments! There is no need to do anything, apart from correcting mistakes and shouting about it. So those who are good at fault finding and going to town with their findings with good PR will be given ministries.” We heard two newly elected MLAs discussing with their electorate ( read cronies). They were definitely not in running for any ministry, as they were just drinking tea at a plush restaurant .. with Samosas!

When we went nearer to Vidhan Bhavan, some middle rung leaders with a select set of ‘electorates’, in a Coffee shop of a 5 star hotel nearby, had deeper info. Just mingling around the cronies, we heard some real deep khabars!. “ Arre bhau, people have actually forgotten what a working government is like! They have ample idea of erring government and big mouth ministers. We anyways, don’t have much to do! All decisions will be taken in Delhi and Nagpur, we need to just keep quiet and do nothing!” “ And good that Shiv Sena may not join. They have this bad habit of taking orders from Bandra, and not using their own heads!” “ Yes. Adaraniya Mahaoday is right. All new ministers have to do is, not make mistakes. Or just do nothing, so mistakes wont happen. Delhi and Nagpur will tell us what schemes are to be announced. We need not even count the number of potholes in Mumbai! If we count , these over smart journos will be waiting to tell us that our numbers were wrong by 90%.” second neta added.

“ Ekdam Barobar saheb. People will think that acche din have come, when wrong maths of ministers is not published, nor right maths of SIT about scam figure gets debated!” one senior crony added, while putting butter on bread.

“ Chala Bhau. Now we shall go. We have been told to be frugal. If someone sees us at 5 star coffee shop, we will get am sms from Delhi, telling us to go to chai wala at Churchgate station to drink tea with glucose biscuits!”

“ Barobar. Let us go to Wankhede for overseeing the cleanliness drive. Swatch bharat abhiyan should start before government gets even sworn in! ” And turning to one crony, he whispered, “ Call that reporter from News channel after you buy dozen zadoos!”